Hello Friends,
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have come and gone, and we have entered a new Jewish year. It is now 5778 (where has the time gone!). I hope you enjoyed services with Cantor Linda Shivers. I think she did a great job, but I want to hear what you think.

When it comes to these holiday services, there is a lot to take into account. We have the haftorah readers, the gabbaim who assist the cantor, those who set up the room, the welcoming committee, those who speak…the list goes on! There really are a lot of people who are responsible for making sure our services run smoothly. I hope I don’t forget anyone (it is not on purpose), but Brad Kessie, Amy Goldin, Milt Grishman, Michael Goldin, Russell Goldin, Ryan Goldin, Becky Guidry and Gary Taylor all had a hand in making our High Holidays so wonderful. Special thank you to Debbie Goldin for the beautiful flowers, and to the Grishman family for the lovely white torah covers and table cover.

The break-the-fast was, once again, a crowd favorite. The desserts were amazing (thanks Vickie Rubenstein), the salads fantastic and healthy and the casseroles delicious and cheesy. Of course, the chance to sit and chat with friends was the best part. Some of you may have noticed I was a bit under the weather during services, and let me tell you, the best place to get medical advice is not a doctor’s office, but rather, at synagogue. From suggestions that involved saline sprays, hot washcloths, medicines to take (and not to take) and breathing in steam, my friends offered their best remedies, and I am now well on the road to recovery!

The next holiday is Sukkot — and our sukkah is ready to receive guests. We will have our Friday night oneg in the sukkah, and on Sunday, Oct. 8, the children will spend Sunday school in the sukkah, shaking the lulav and making decorations. Sunday night starting at 6 p.m., there will be a special event for women of CBI to join together in the sukkah for food, friendship and fun. And, everyone will get the chance to see the white torah covers again this year as they will be used for Simchat Torah, the weekend after Sukkot. We will welcome Rabbi Ellen Nemhauser for Oct. 12 – Simchat Torah services with a dinner, and again on Oct. 13, Shabbat services with a potluck dinner (you know what to do!). More details on both these events are in the newsletter.

I have so much more to tell you about Congregation Beth Israel, but I think I’ll wait until I see you. Will it be while munching on chips under the stars in our sukkah, at our community dinner for Simchat Torah (don’t forget, Yizkor services will be held before dinner), or between the singing on Shabbat with Rabbi Nemhauser, who told me she is known as “the singing rabbi”? Looking forward to it!

Have a question about anything going on? Send an email or give us a call.
Lori Beth