Shalom Friends,

The High Holidays provided a wonderful springboard for our congregation. I loved the feeling inside our sanctuary. A special thank you to Michael Goldin for leading the search committee that found Cantor Linda Shivers. She was wonderful. The board is hopeful we can lure Cantor Shivers back to South Mississippi for 5778 High Holidays services. We’ll keep you updated on those efforts.

Thanks to Michael and Terry Loebenberg and Martin and Amy Goldin for opening their homes to us. The Sukkah Hop proved to be a big success. I hear people already have ideas about how to enhance the experience next year.

The late Elaine Savage (z”l) left Congregation Beth Israel a generous gift in her will. The board of trustees will use some of that money to help with our Sunday School program. Another portion of the gift will go toward our upgrading our audio/visual system. And, the vast majority of the money will be earmarked for rabbi visits. The board will name the rabbi’s quarters in memory of Elaine. May she rest in peace.

Starting in November, Rabbi Annie Lewis returns to the Gulf Coast. You’ll read details about her first visit in this newsletter. Check your mailboxes. You should have an invitation to our first events with her. We look forward to learning from Rabbi Annie.

My best to all of you. I hope you enjoy spending time with family over the Thanksgiving holidays.