Shalom Friends,

Hard to believe it’s already November. I wish the temperatures would cool off, so we could enjoy what makes our community so special — great fall weather.

The membership unanimously approved a change to the bylaws. Starting in January, Congregation Beth Israel will have three membership meetings a year. They’ll be held in January, May and August. The May meeting will be when we elect new leadership.

November is such an exciting month. Michael and Carly Goldin welcomed a new addition to their family. Stacy Goldin and Mark Lieberman become husband and wife. Mazel tov to the Goldins!

In the next few days, you’ll receive a survey from the board of trustees. We want to know what you’d like from our congregation. Are you interested in more spiritual events? Are you looking for more social gatherings? Do you like the potluck dinners we occasionally host? We want our congregation to be your congregation. We want more participation from more people. And the best way to do that is to coordinate events that interest. Please take time to fill out the survey and return it to the synagogue. We’ll use the results to build programming that intrigues you.

Chanukkah starts the first Sunday in December. Rabbi Orrin will join us that weekend. He’ll lead the First Friday Family Fun Shabbat on December 4.We’ll host a Torah study Saturday morning.Because the rabbi will join us for Sunday’s Chanukkah party, we’re keeping the Saturday nightschedule open. If you’d like to invite the rabbi overfor dinner, please let us know.

We’re discussing what to do on the Friday after Thanksgiving, on Christmas night, and on New Year’s night. Will you attend Shabbat services those nights or will you be tied up with family? If we have enough interest, we’ll make sure we hold Shabbat services. But, if nobody plans on being at the shul those nights, we may cancel our Shabbat plans.

We’re selling Super Bowl squares early this year. They’re $25 per box. What I’d like to see is every member buy one square, and every member sell one square to a friend. That will virtually fill up the 100 square grid. The prizes on Super Bowl Sunday are $25 if you have the right square after the first quarter, $50 if you have the right square at halftime, $75 if you’re name is in the winning box after the third quarter, and $100 if you have the winning box when the game ends.

I can’t wait to see you around the synagogue the next few weeks.